Development Programmes

The real challenge in life: to outdo yourself.

We are only as good as our employees. To continue to grow as a company, we want our employees to grow as well. That is why we are so keen to invest in staff training and development.

The most important thing we have learned in the past decades: our employees are the key to our success. We continuously develop and optimise our internal personnel development programmes in order to ensure that we continue to set the standard on the international market. This personnel policy has been a long-standing passion for us; today it has become an integral part of our corporate culture. We promote individual professional development for each of our employees and offer a wide range of external and in-house training courses for all employees in the industrial, commercial and technical sectors. We always keep an eye on individual needs and employees’ existing knowledge.

Some of the topics our in-house training covers:

  • Business English
  • SAP
  • Executive staff
  • Project management
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Contract law
  • VAT