Household appliances

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Products from Weber Plastics Technology consistently meet the high demands placed on household appliances. With their top quality, functionality and longevity, they offer a perfect solution for customers with the highest standards.

Household appliances are subjected to heavy use every day. For this reason, top quality is just as important as maximum functionality and design. Products and solutions from Weber Plastics Technology distinguish themselves with their well conceived, detailed solutions.

Products from Weber Plastics Technology include, for example:

  • Drinking water filters
  • Decorative parts for coffee machines
  • Functional design modules for vacuum cleaners

Further product references

Brita Elemaris
Einzelteile schwarze Kanne
Trinkflasche Lightning
Nespresso Pixie
Side-Panel Nespresso
Side-Panel Nespresso
Gabel (Miele)

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